Meet the team

Loving love, starting with our team and our clients…

There is so much that goes into a successful event – Weddings are chaotic because you have your vendor team, the bridal party, family & all other guests reporting to you so I would say the most important thing to make an event successful is to have a great team of vendors & for our bride & groom to be present on the big day. It’s easy to get overwhelmed but knowing that you have the right team to execute will ensure there is little room for error! 

Inspired by our founder’s flow (she treats everyone as if they were her own mother, whom she is quite fond of), we fill our cups with warmth, first and foremost. Taking care of people is fundamental to what we do, so when we “put on the pink,” it isn’t just about the color of our setup aprons, the cake-cutting gloves, or any of our fashion accents, it is our approach to excellence in event execution. Our uniform, our way. Self-assured grace interlaced with love.


“I am really proud to have fostered an environment of creativity, inclusivity and have built genuine relationships internally amongst ourteam. We are a team of highly motivated and mission-driven coordinators that genially care about our clients. Beyond our fun, quirky, imbecaible vibes, we are ready to implement real time solutions to keep things flowing seamlessly with each project.”


“I’ve always wanted to be a Wedding Coordinator & Planner since I was a junior in high school! Working in the event industry hired as a cosplay character, I fell in love with working events & also volunteering at events. So if you are a bride of mine, know that you are making my career dreams come true!”


“I majored in hospitality unsure of where this path would take me. I never imagined myself working in the wedding industry, and now I can’t see myself not being here. I crave the chaos and love to make the best out of any situation! I truly believe there’s always a rainbow after the rain.”


“I am super approachable and I love to help people! Events are a huge passion for me and I love doing everything possible to create beautiful, memorable events!”


“I am very detail-oriented and I love to make people smile! Being a wedding coordinator is my dream job and I always strive to make your big day as amazing as possible! The best part is when a couple hugs me and thanks me for everything at the end of their night!”


“Nothing makes me happier than making others happy, it’s my goal to make sure your day goes flawlessly!”


“I am always up for bringing unique
ideas to life! Each event brings its own set of
exciting challenges and sweet memories which I can not wait to be a part of! I am extremely organized and dedicated to working closely with each client to ensure their day is exactly how they envisioned or even better.”


“I look at your big event as a if it’s a jigsaw puzzle. There are all these little pieces that come together to make one big beautiful picture. Your vendors, loved ones, and venue are the puzzle pieces. and I love putting them all together.”


“I am looking forward to helping your day be fun, memorable, and stress-free!”


“Making your dream day come to life is our top goal. Planning an event can be stressful, we are here to guide you through the process and create an incredible planning experience. I like to tell clients,
think of me as your safari guide as we navigatethrough this process together!”


“I love what I do and I am always here to help make it the best day ever. I am organized, trustworthy, and am here to not only be your coordinator, but be someone that you can talk to and help you whenever needed; whether that is cracking a joke, providing tissues for tears, and/or getting everyone in line.”


“I TRULY care about making things go smoothly and turn out for the best. I will run, jump, and work as hard as I can to keep things moving and on track. It makes my heart happy to have an event come together and turn out beautifully.”

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